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Treasure Cay

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

We sailed yesterday from Marsh Harbor to Treasure Cay. An easy sail traveling 6-7 kts towing two dinghy’s and one with the engine down. But as usual, no matter how perfect the day; one random wave slapped the boat and threw spray in our face. Damn now we need to clean some salt off the boat. Remember – we live on this boat. It’s not just for fun.

We’re currently anchored in the harbor where by some design the Treasure Cay Resort charges even to anchor. That’s ok though since we have then the use of the resort, showeres -W/’s in love, tennis courts – we hope to play, laundry, etc.

Last night we went in to shower, W/ decided to stay and have some Pizza (yeah I had to be dragged to the event 🙂 ) and we met a visiting couple; get this, from Iowa. We’re almost amazed how many Iowans we met down here.

Oh, and before I forget, we bought a shorty wet suit for me from the dive shop; slightly small but it will work. For $20 I’ll suffer with the tight suit (It’s a little short- NOT too narrow if you get my drift) to stay warm. Water temp on the reef is about 22-23 degrees C. I can only last about 30 minutes before I start loosing to much temp diving in my trunks and a T.

Fair Winds