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Back on da Hook, mon!

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

We’ve left the dock. We’re now 100% again with some minor scrapes and abrasion (on the dink). The projects we completed were: inflate and identify holes in the dinghy (we found one air leak, 2 leaks in the floor, and I patched 3 severely abraided areas on the other pontoon), patch air leaks and abraisions day one, patch floor from inside day two, do laundry, add locking lifting system to the dinghy day 3, and on day 4 we hauled out 200′ of anchor chain and painted fluorescent links every 25′ (one link represents 25′ so 3 links is 75′ – etc) and then stowed the chain. On day 5 w gave me a hair cut (yes I trust her; besides it will grow back; I think) and then we left the dock.

It feels much better at anchor even though we find the dock fun. Unlimited electricity (we pay for it), can walk the dock and talk to other boaters, getting into town is much easier; but all in all we like the movement of the boat at anchor and the 360 degree view of our little world.