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Carribean Think!

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

So, this is how the philosophy was explained to me…
There are two thought processes here. One is called “Stealing” and the other “Thieft”. Stealing is bad, thieft is ok.

Stealing is when someone has something, say a tool, car, truck, etc but they only have one of them and it is needed for their survival. If you take what they need to survive then that is BAD.

Theift is when someone has more than they need. They may have two cars, two saws, two houses or in our case even two dinghies. The individual has none or their relative has none and they “need” one. So because it is not hurting the individual that one is theiving it from they can take it and feel justified because they have none and need it.

I’m not saying this is one hundred percent correct but it is how it was explained to me by someone that has worked in the community for 8 years.

We have two dinghy’s; one a hard for ports and to carry on the boat when we travel off shore, the other is our new one and a soft dinghy that we will hopefully use as a dive platform and be able to get to the reef safely, that is if we keep it long enough and the water gets warm enough. When we leave the dock Sat the dinghy will be well locked up! We’ll do our best to keep it and should it be “thiefed” again we’ll likely move our location to the US for the rest of the winter – Somewhere maybe around Georgia; we’ve never been there before.

Fair Winds