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Not Everything is a Crisis

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

I know some reading might wonder actually why we’re here. Seems like I post mostly the crisis, adventure, and “I can’t believe it – HOLY SHIT” stuff.

We have our new car. Yeah, no real wheels but on a boat we call the prop a wheel so it does have one. This is the same size inflatable we had on our last boat but the company made some stuff (tubes) bigger and they no longer have a wooden floor so we have the Al floor. It may be too big, maybe I should have gotten the 10 foot one but we’ll see. They are kind of disposable as they have a life of about 10 years in the tropics. We bought a 15 hp Yamaha engine that W can almost easily start and the ride has been pimped up with what’s called dinghy chaps. They are canvas covers that protect the side from abuse and the Sun.

Sometimes we get to enjoy Sunsets and Sunrises. Well; I get the sunrises as W likes to remain warm and cozy below. This one was the morning we left Green Turtle Cay and is taken over the town of New Plymouth. We made our way from there to Marsh Harbor where we’re hanging out now, waiting for the current cold front to move through and enjoying all there is to offer here.

Last night we attended an Art show with a silent auction for the American Cancer Society. We didn’t buy any art but did pick up a dinner for 2 at the Boat Harbor Marina for Christmas Eve. We spent some time with a Boat Friend – Artist we knew from 25 years ago; Donny Wood, who is now one of Abaco’s resident artists. It was a great time and we met some other residents and looked at some art pieces.

Then aside from the sunsets, adventures and time hanging out there is boat work. The other day I cleaned out both engine strainers and changed the oil in the generator. This is from the strainer on the salt water manifold that feeds the generator, the salt water at the sink (which we haven’t yet used) and the aft head. The generator had 100 hours on, don’t know how many hours the head was used 🙂 but I was amazed at how full of “stuff” from the ocean it was.

May your strainer always be clean.
Fair Winds