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Aground in Marsh Harbor

Friday, December 12th, 2008

Yep, 12 midnight I awoke to no movement of the boat. We draw about 1.7 meters. Not really a big deal. It’s a soft bottom here so I decided to stay through the spring tides. 12 Noon (about) aground again, maybe 2-4 cm shy of enough water. So what. 12:30 am aground again. This time though I stayed awake. A new boat moved in close to us (30 meters away) and if we stayed aground as the wind switched and the other boat swung on their anchor we could end up entwined in boat lust. We choose which boats our boat cavorts with, I know not the American way but it’s our boat and our way. So boat lust with any neighbor is not something we approve of. So awake I lay in the cockpit watching. Eventually we started bobbing again (floating and barely stuck) and finally the bow swung though the wind and we were free of the bottom. The tide had come up about 25 cm, 45 minutes after dead low. So back to my dream I went.

About 45 minutes later I awoke again to the boat acting weird. I looked and we were broadside to the wind. (Not good). What was wrong? We took a gust 25kts and the boat healed over and we heard a clunk on the keel and then what sounded like we were dragging across chain. Free again and we’re now facing W. Damn – I wonder if we scraped off some of the paint and what ever we were against on the bottom dug into the gel? Well, we’ll find out when I get into the water. But not today; after all it is a cold front we’re sitting through.

After the morning net for Abaco we moved into deeper water. Hopefully here we won’t drag over any un used mooring chains and hopefully we won’t sit on the bottom. Hopefully. 🙂

Fair Winds