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Chewed Up and Spit Out

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Look, I’m getting some flack from our armchair sailors and Sunday morning quarterbacks. More pics and more posts. Ok; but just so ya’s know; if it’s nice out we’re going sailing, diving, walking, hitting the tennis ball, or just plain hanging out w/ new friends. I’m NOT going to be working on the computer and editing pics or whatever whenever I can do what I’ve always wanted to. Just so’s ya know.

But since today is kind of “crappy” and the winds are up and it is expected to blow like stink for a day or two, I figure I’ll get make time to write some dribble and post some pics. So… here is the first set from Boot Key Harbor in Marathon. It’s pictures of our stay there (minus the people which I’ll work on next) and some of the interesting boats we saw. By no means is this all the interesting boats, some we just never were lucid enough to take some snaps of and some we just weren’t bold enough to ask.