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We’ve Moved!

Monday, December 8th, 2008

There was a slight wx window so we moved S. It’s warmer here…. and if you believe that I’ve some land to sell ya in Florida, or as my brother in-law likes to say Floridah! We motored (not motor sailed) about 30 miles S to Marsh Harbor, Abaco. It is the seat of Government for the Abaco’s and we’re amazed at how much it has changed in the last 20 years. They still have only one intersection with a light but there is now a light on every pole in the intersection and cars everywhere, and noise, and ….well; it’s easier to describe it this way; it is much like Marathon Florida. One road running down the center and everything on that road.

My project here is to get connected to the Ham Radio so we can send and receive email via the Ham Bands. Also little projects creep up; just like this am our generator seemed rather thin on cooling water and so I’ll need to take a look at that. Aint it fun.

We haven’t really been diving yet; just too cold, but exploring and renewing some friendships and establishing new ones is the main past time.

I’ve been chided for not posting enough pics and I’m going to work on getting more up. We’ve now a good constant Wi-Fi connection in the harbor and expect to be here though the end of the month. Most of the holiday activities center on here. Then we’ll restock and head up island (out of internet connections) and hang out in the wilds of Abaco for a month or so. We plan on doing that, out island, big city, out island; till our time is up and we be needing to move on to Annapolis in the spring.

Fronts still seem to be moving through about 2 per week, sometimes three; so were rather content to be haning out in Paradise, on the hook, living from Sun up to Sun down. KISS !