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Marathon, Florida

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

We keep going from Paradise to Paradise!

Had a lumpy ride from Ft Meyers Beach to here. I described it as sailing across a sack of potatoes. We had checked the GRIB files before we left and the winds were to be nice; the were to begin E and turn to the NE and freshen to 10 -15 kts. Great for sailing on the beam or off wind. Unfortunately the predictions were wrong. The wind was initially light from the N then strengthening from the N. Nice for going S and we started out w/ a nice sail. The entire sail we had only our big Genoa out. But as night fall came we could see the squal lines coming out of Florida bay. For the first of several we just rolled up the Genoa and powered for about an hour where we wanted to go. BTW, now we were turing E of S and guess where the wx was moving in from.

Yep, the W was now blowing from the SE. So we sailed on G (Genoa only) S and keep looking for the wind to do what was predicted. NOPE! Eventually the wind turned enough E that we could head 160-170 degrees magnetic but that still wasn’t good enough. All the while the kept freshening. 🙁

Finally we actually turned the Iron Genny on (the engine) and powered for about 2 hours to make the easting we could. I had tried tacking the distance and in two hours of tacking we made about 3 miles to the good. Both W and I didn’t want to be in the bay any longer then necessary so we again started the Iron Genny and powered for 2 more hours to the E and then we could sail most of the rest of the way to the Moser pass. Two hours later we powered under the bridge and entually arrived at Boot Key Harbor to pick up a mooring. Finally rest.

Fair Winds