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We’re now a one car family….

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

On W’s birthday we made the truck trade. The money has been cleared and we actually delivered the truck today. Don and Lana now have a new work horse for their boat. Unfortunately, none of us are rich enough to put the truck on davits and take it with us. But as a vehicle for working on the boat it was a great one. Some of the items we’d needed to move were just too big to fit into the trunk.

So now it is on to finishing up a couple of small projects left, the Charlie Noble, a couple of pad eyes, change the zincs in the engine and refrigeration, change the oil and transmission fluid, tune the rig, finish packing the boat, buy fresh food, watch the wx and tide for the time to leave, then leave.

Our first anchorage will be Anclote Key. Not far but then we’ll be leaving the anchorage int he am and heading south.

Fair Winds


Last Hurdle is Overcome…. Almost

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

We’ve sold the truck! Well, we still have the truck but we also have a deposit. A fellow Westsailor is interestedin downsizing his vehicle and going to buy the truck as a way to finish his boat. He’s getting a heck of a deal. With the economy tanking and money tightening up we had to continue to lower the price almost 4k below book value. But hey, it’s only money.

Anyway, were hoping to trade the truck for money this week sometime and then it will be all on the boat.

Fair Winds


Long, Long Ago; in a Land far Away

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Long, long ago, in a land far away (the land was Iowa) there were two different people (TDP). Merely by chance they met and and created a less then perfect union. W was a princess, the last of three children; so far behind her next oldest sibling that an only child would not experience life any differently. I wanted adventure. W/ wanted love and adoration. I wanted to go sailing. W loved shoes and clothing. I wanted to bicycle to places different than where I was. W wanted the security of a home. I wanted the freedom of the open sky. W thought some of this actually sounded interesting.

How we happened to find solace in each other I’m sure is still debated on quite evenings in Iowa among our respective families. Oh, they’re all too kind to bring any of this up in our presence but we know they still don’t understand how we’re about to leave on this next adventure, living where we can often see the joining of the sky and the Earth, feeling the wind in our face, trusting our fate with Neptune by floating across his ocean asking Mariah to grant us wind; pushing our ship to distant shores.

W/ likes to remind me; we’re TDP (we didn’t make that up – Mike and Sue gave us the TDP acronym). Yet we’re about to share this adventure and cast off. As we travel near and far I’ll post the coordinates and link them to Google Earth so anyone bored enough ( or should I say voyeristic enough) is then welcome to see how far Neptune and Mariah have allow us to go.

Fair Winds


Elysium’s Little Brother is “Jonah the Whale”

Friday, September 12th, 2008

We’re constantly amazed how much this boat holds. Our last boat a Westsail 32 held ungodly amounts of stuff. We never wanted for space. But we had been working so much on Elysium that we were actually wondering if it would hold the same amount. I knew we had almost double the lockers and openings (Principia -our last boat had almost 50) but some of these storage areas seemed smallish.

Well, not to worry, W’s packing and she keeps telling me we have more room even after we empty one of our storage rooms out from the house. The boat is sitting at least 8 cm s lower right now and I figure we’re about 80% loaded. Eight cm on our boat translates to about 2,000 kg’s. We’re getting close to being fully loaded and ready to go.

It’s tough waiting and tough getting it all together! I can’t believe when I read how some other sailors just “sold it all” and then loaded the boat and went. We’ve been selling it all for about 2 years now and loading the boat for almost 2 months. Of course some would say we work slowly. Yeah, the’re right, the fable of the “Tortoise and the Hair” must have had some effect on us as we grew up!

Fair Winds


Day Zero!

Friday, September 5th, 2008

To mark the occasion I shaved my beard off! Yep for one day I had a naked chin. (I’m going to immediately grow it back). And this then is weird. I had a great day but still worked. I tried to eliminate loose ends as much as possible, my school rented me a Segway (People Mover) to tool around on the last day. What a blast! I went into rooms and invited students (those w/ work completed) to ride and some of their teachers.

As the day wound down the school organized a “clap out” where every student and faculty member of the school lined up and clapped – high fived me as I rode by. By this time I was getting the hang of the Segway and rode the line hands free while giving high fives on both sides. What a blast. What a great school. I will miss them all.

However; we move on and like leaving one anchorage and traveling to the next I know that life holds an abundance of continually new experiences. Odd to hear me optimistic eh? Odd for me too.

However; it is both good and bad that life is finite. It is exactly that limited existence that provides meaning to what we do. And it is knowing that there is a limit to life that drives us to savor as much of the beauty and culture and people our spaceship Earth has to offer.

Now it’s on to finishing a few projects on the boat and packing. We hope to be casting off in the next two weeks but Mother Nature will ultimately determine our course and speed.


New Plan….stay in the Bahamas till the beer runs out!

Monday, September 1st, 2008

As sailors say, “Our plans are written in the (sand, water, jello)”. What ever changes the quickest. Yesterday we bought bunches of food and lots of beer. Beer is expensive in the islands. Rum’s cheaper and Mike (on Infini) tells me I should change; but I like lots of fluids and if I should drink as much Rum as Beer then my liver would need to be replaced. 🙂

So today while I finished up the sewing projects W packed the beer, and then she packed more beer, and then we made another trip for more beer. Hopefully we’ll be good for 6 months! So we pack and prepare and still wonder where it will all go.

We’ve been getting rid of stuff all over the place. Should take just the hangers to the metal recycler! That might pay for the beer.

So while I finished the sewing project we barely had enough time to run the Lectra San (the sewage treatment system we carry), run the engine driven refrigeration system, and flush the watermaker.

We’re getting systems ready to go. Need to finish a couple more cards (projects), then I can get the engine systems all ready and then we can go! Almost.

My mom and sister are planning on showing up later this month so we won’t actually get out of dodge till sometime after the 22nd.

4 days of slavery left!