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Biding our Time

Monday, October 18th, 2021

it has been awhile. I guess I need to just stop apologizing and blog when ever I am thinking of something. I’ve been working long hours on the website. Thus I have two new larger picture galleries . One, of our travels though French Polynesia and the the other of our three visits to San Blas islands.

Trying to play catch up on web stuff is not easy. I now know a little of the web add ons. The styling part called CSS, and even less of some of the under the hood programming for the web, called JavaScript. But, like the turtle in the classic race with the hare, I will keep trudging on.

Then too is our time here in Australia dealing with Covid. While the Covid fight hasn’t effected us all that much, it is effecting other cruising friends. One, who I will not name, is going to ship his yacht back to the Caribbean at great expense. I asked him about it and he said; he’s not having any “fun” now. A sad point to be at in life. I understand.

Fortunately, both W/ and I are having fun. We enjoy the boat projects. We don’t want to work full time on them but improving the boat and keeping it looking; in our minds good, is important to us. We play tennis 3- 4 days per week and have met a great group of Australians. None of whom are yachties, but that is how we like it. We cruise not to to be water tourists but to experience life as others live. And luckily for us, Covid struck while we were in a place that is like what we had at home. Weather wise, traffic wise, supply wise and tennis wise.

Oh there are differences. Australians drive on the side of the road that feels odd. I’ve gotten in the wrong side of the car looking for the steering wheel a couple of times. People drive the wrong way around- Round Abouts. Round abouts, those circles at intersections where there are no lights. Some words have similar meanings and others like “Fanny” are verboten. Luckily when I used it once, a nurse I knew came up to me and whispered what in the local culture fanny refers

Epoxy Varnish Removed

Signature Finishes Epoxy Varnish removed

to. To help one understand, it is the slang for a little kitten – part of the female anatomy.

Needs to be cleaned up and Powder Coated

So we plod on. I’ve ordered some new parts for the rigging. They’re at the shippers for posting them to Aus. We’ve taken the Sailomat wind vane apart and those parts are at the sandblasters and powder coaters. We’re having a new memory foam pad made for our new aft bedding. We plan on three new foam cushions made for our sea berth in the main salon and then I get to make new sets of crew covers. We work a bit each week on the teak. The idea is to have the exterior teak Varnish completed when we leave here.

If all goes well, if the governments around the world get their act together, if Covid is under control, we will be heading North and back to the tropics; next winter in Australia. Remember now, cruisers plans are written in the sand at low tide.

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long



Sunday, June 15th, 2008

Parties; particularily those you create, can be sureal experiences. 90 plus people showed up, W or I knew them all and with about 3 to 4 hours scheduled for the event; talking to everone was next to impossible. About 2 minutes each. Yuk.

We began early Sat am. putting our guest to work. Hauling stuff down, setting up the sailing dinghy, blowing up the kayak and cleaning up. We went to pick up the keg of beer and make sure all was right with the world. After about 3 hours work for 5 people we were ready. Our caterer was getting food prepared and had been also working all morning. Now we had a 2 hour rest before the masses arrived.

W and I decided that I would hang out on the boat and W would be by the food. And for the first part we had it backwards. After about an hour I went and changed with her and I was on the boat. I estimate that at one point we had about 20 people on the boat. (Good thing the coasties weren’t around as I don’t think we’ve that many life preservers!).

At about 4:30 we re christened the boat. I said a few words and cracked the champagne bottle on the bow. We were smart enough to enclose the bottle in a leg of hosiery but I wasn’t smart enough to hang on to all the broken glass encased in the hose. Upon the rupture of the bottle and Neptune claiming his due, the glass in the hosiery flew out of my hand ending at the bottom of the water. I attempted an early retrival, another Dave attempted again to get it back, and finally Jack was responsible for connecting with the hosiery and recovering the broken glass.

Three sainted sailors As all events have a close what we had left was what we had started with. Jack, Terri, Don, W, and I began the arduous task of breaking stuff back down and putting it all away.

It’s amazing that with a boat we should seem to have less of everything but sometimes (and now is one of them) we seem to have more.

Fair Winds


Removing Hawse Pipes

Friday, April 25th, 2003

We pulled out the original hawse pipes. I actually thought there would be a couple good enough I could sell them to Westsailors that didn’t want to change them all. Was I wrong. The originals are all (in all the earlier boats) spun brass or bronze and to get them out I had to tear them all up. Nothing was salvagable. Damn.


Icebox Deconstruction

Thursday, December 20th, 2001

Looking Aft.We spent much of our Winter holiday taking the boat apart. One of our earlier concerns was the icebox / refrigeration setup. We knew first that we didn’t like the setup from 30 years ago. So we worked to remove all of it. The pour in foam had some air gaps and the refrigeration was a 110 V RV / Marine unit. Believe it or not it still worked fine. We gave it to a friend that had helped around the boat and he used it in his office for keepin his lunch, snacks and drinks cold.

Anyway, we worked at getting the unit out, once out and off the boat we were then able to asses what we needed to do to put the new one in and the sizes.