One big tell this photo essay points out; the Generator system has the greatest impact on our time / money and the second greatesest is the refrigeration system. Some of thes photos were preludes to potential disasters. Others simply


Nothing is faster than disaster! (NFD) Many of the items shown were just those of inconvience. Not real disasters. Some, if let go, could have sunk the boat. Others were minor inconviences and a few more so, being discovered in places and times we just did not wish to deal with them.

Cruising is NOT all Margaretti's and Sunsets. There are those times and each is wonderful in their own right. And yet the cost of beautiful skies, friends and laughter times are often balanced but the discovery of something breaking, something missing.

We wouldn't trade any of the good times, a few of the NFD's we would have loved to avoid. For Example getting struck by a ship in Suva, Fiji, or the loss of my steering oar on passage from Grenada to Bonaire. For now, each even is a reminder to stay diligent, stay awake and repair, replace every chance we get.