The Eastern Sea Board

We sailed down the W coast of Florida and prepared to cross for the Bahamas from the Keys. We prepared and waited for weather in Marathon. Marathon has changed in the years we've cruised here. Anchoring is rare and a marina area with a large mooring field is present.

We left Florida for a stint in the Bahamas during the winter season. In the Bahamas we had our dinghy and motor stolen, recovered and repaired. After which we traveled off shore to the Chesapeake attending a Westsail Rendezvous, and added a Wave Stopper hard dodger installed from Canvas Creations. Sadly I believe the owner has retired. We picked up some new Westsail / cruiser friends and explored a bit of the Chesapeake before leaving the following fall to the Virgin Islands. The various links in this side bar provide greater detail of those events in the blog.