Panama is the consumate crossroads of the cruising community. A handful of yachts make the journey around Cape Horn and some tough out the Northwest passage.

As I've circumnavigated the Sun a few times I realize I don't like adventures where I get "cold" Cold is... unwelcome. Most cruisers prefer the warmth of the tropics. Plus the Panama Canal is one of the worlds great engineering feats. To tansit the canal in our own boat was quite the event, To do it with friends was even better.

However, prior to that adventure we spent two season in the Kuna Indian archipelago, the San Blas Islands. Or as the indians call it: Guna Yala. Both galleries are up as well as a great deal of extra commentary on the blog.

Two photo essays of Panama.

yacht on reef
The San Blas are not for the feint of heart, navigating reefs and currents. Boat have been destroyed here.

canal doors opening
The Panama Canal is the holy grail for many cruisers, a life long dream. We transited it three times; once on a friends boat, once on a cruise ship,and then again on our own... with friends.