= Elysium - Mini Vacation, Uluru

Mini Vaca to Uluru

Our Story

Two good friends from the US had planned on coming to Australia while we were here. During their time here the 4 of us planned on visiting Uluru. The world and Covid had different plans. Covid nixed their trip. And in Australia we didn't get a refund on our trip but did end up with vouchers good for a year.

Covid stuck around and we were close to loosing our money. Fortunately we had made some new friends in tennis. Gary and Paula (Australians) had never been to Uluru and did want to go. They travel... a lot. And they actually have more stamps in their passports then we do. We ended up able to use the vouchers and the four of us made it to Uluru as Covid in the country eased. We were lucky. During our time there the flys were next to non existent. Rumor has it that they are do bad, simply breathing people accidently eat them.

They were excellent travel companions and we shared some of the adventures with them aka, 4 bicycles, and went our own way on others. Life is good, Uluru is great, Don't miss it.