Great Barrier Reef - Australia

My Thoughts

This is one of Australia's premier attractions. And yes, there is beauty here. Beauty above and below the water. Sadly for us we didn't have a lot of time to enjoy the beauty. We were in a hurry. The Australian Border force did not make any accomodations for being stuck here with covid. We had three years no matter what. That is three years we could have the boat here before paying thousands in inport duty. Thus our trip up the coast was more like a delivery. A delivery where we had a tad bit of time to enjoy some part of the journey. Not all the time in the world we would have liked.

My description after sharing with many Aussies out here seems quite accurate. Imagine you are married to Ms. Universe or GQ's Sexiest Man of the Year. Now imagine that the person you are married to is physically and emotionally abusive. That is the Great Barrier Reef! For more detail on our trip N you can follow along in the blog.