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Mr. Gasket Diesel Fuel Pump

I had thought I was lucky. We were in Hampton Virginia and I need to bleed the diesel engine. Pushing that little lever down a few hundred times just wasn't going to cut it. So on one of the fuel filters I decided to add a small diesel fuel pump. At the auto supply store I found this Mr. Gasket Diesel Pump. Wow ! What luck! Not

I did use it then after plumbing it in and bleeding the system. She all worked. So after getting everything running I switched to the tank I used most of the time and just let the pump attached to the filter on the port tank. Usually; well 99% of the time that tank is used for the generator.

Three years later I'm working in the engine room and look closer at the pump. It has separated from the hose connection. I pull it out and discover that the plastic has simply parted from the pump. The fitting in the end is not mine; it came the the fitting in the pump. Fortunately I've never need to use it in the last few years. And if I had you might of heard me going ballistic! Items like that in any market ought not be sold. They are DANGEROUS! Imagine diesel fuel being sprayed over anything nearby. Yes, the end that separated was on the up side of the pump.

Mr. Gaskets diesel fuel pump rates a solid F IMHO. Not only is it a lousy product it is dangerous. If you have one I would strongly suggest replacing it now before you create an issue you can't recover from.


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