Elysium Site Info

To return to this page click the drawing of our boat in the upper left corner. I hope the menus are self explanatory. One may discover there are several ways to view the same page.. The menus will always be available. You might visit the refrigeration gallery by reading about our project or by looking at the interior galleries. No need to worry; you're not lost.

The evaluations are my own, with some imput from my cruising partner and at times other sailors. Those that know me can always send me feedback and I will consider any additions or changes to the evaluations. No guarentees. For the most part, companies have already had their chance for input. When I first contacted them about any issues I often reported any response or lack there of. And last, I receive no money from any company for any evaluation of their products. NONE, NADA, ZIP. The only bias is mine and not at all motivated by money, simply wanting the best for the fellow cruiser.

Projects and Regions are I hope self explanatory. The projects are those we took upon ourselves when we set about refurbishing this boat as well as any additions made along the way. Regions are where we have been, photo galleries and comments about any areas. As we've been cruising over a decade now, some info/ photos may be outdated. Most cruisers upon their landfall at a new harbor begin by checking out the scene with other cruisers. Stick with that strategy and you and your vessel ought to be fine.

Hidden in the menus are two links for some oft asked details. The first is all the nitty gritty of cruising found in my blog. There I have on a bi-weekly average; detailed accounts of our activities, the good and the bad. The last possible gem is some financials of what we have spent cruising. A circumnavigating friend once said when asked what it takes to cruise said, "All you have".

And finally a fellow passage making cruiser said of the people dreaming of owning a boat, 10% end up buying one. Of that 10%, 1% actually cast off the lines to cruise. I Hope you are a one percenter!