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A Tourist to Yasur

Sunday, July 7th, 2019
Port Resolution Yacht ClubWe left promptly at 3 pm. I know it’s rather rare in the Pacific where people often refer to island time for appointments. The road was like what one would imagine driving on the Appalachian Trail (AT) is like. W/ described the AT as all Rocks and Roots, This was all lava rock and gullies from erosion. At times we hit 40 kph, but for the most part we traveled about the average speed of a bicycle. An hour later we were at the entrance to Yasur.
There we paid our 10,000 VAT each (approx 100 dollar) to visit the volcano. Included was a brief Kava ceremony. There we were asking permission of the local chief to visit Yasur (the volcano). After there was a native dance. 30 minutes later we moved to the next stage.
We climbed in the back of a truck to ascend the slope of Yasur. I call them cattle cars. Approx 15 of us / vehicle. W/ was lucky enough to sit in the cab. There she conversed with the driver as well as had a A Disney Like Experienceperfect view of the climb. Along the side of the road there were volcanic vents of steam. Yes; this is an active volcano and as such is actually said to be dangerous. I figured it is no more dangerous than driving down any interstate in the US.
20 minutes later we parked, doned our hard hats, received a some more instruction and hiked the last 200 meters to the rim. Already the sulfur smell was present. We could see the steam / smoke rising from the lava field. The guides informed us to use the W side as the E side was randomly bombarded by lava rocks. No one argued with the guide.
A few years ago the tour was shut down when the volcano became more active. Lava was thrown from the pool to the parking lot. Volcanos are rated from 0-5. Zero is for the most part I think inactive and 5 is; holy shit-stay away! Currently Yasur is a 2. At 3 they cancel the tours. I felt a little lucky that we would see it at it’s most active for non volcanologist.
At the upper parking lot we could hear Yasur, we could smell it and every few minutes we would see liquid rocks thrown in the air. However we could not see the lava pool form where we were. If one had a drone; for another 10,000 VAT you could fly it over the pool. I wonder how many drones ended up lost down in the lava pool.
We toured at Sunset when the views are more interesting. The lava plums light up against a dark background. The darker sky and the active lava creates mother natures fireworks. Friends told us to bring hats, scarves, face mask, and goggles. We did. When they went three years prior they indicated that the dust thrown up stuck to every part of their body. Luckily we were on the up wind side of Yasur. I only had grit in my mouth a couple of times and we never had to wear the face masks and goggles.
We did have layers of clothing on. At the top of Yasur it was blowing about 15 kts and at that altitude (the volcano top), it was quite cool. Two hours later everyone was getting cold. . People started to head down towards the cattle cars and the ride back to the tourist center. The tourist center provided us a few snacks, restrooms and a covered area. There we availed ourselves of the facilities and changed clothes. Ready again for the Disney ride, back to the boat.
At Port Resolution we climbed down the steps to the dinghy. We hauled it into the water (the tide is about a meter here) and with a headlamp navigated through the reef out to our boat. How we avoided striking any of the reef at night I can only guess. The tide was higher than when we arrived. Lucky . So far, this has been our best volcano experience and I rather doubt we’ll ever get to see the lava pool any closer. I’m not sure I want to. But like a bug to the flame; one never knows.
Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long

A Tourist in Port Resolution

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019
We stopped at the top of Aneityum before departing to Port Resolution on Tanna. We hoped to take a tour of Yasur, one of the few active volcanos in the world we can get close to. The anchorage on the N end was ok, not great, not horrible. We would not plan on spending much time there. Less is more in this case.
We upped anchor in the dark and followed our GPS track out. A few minutes later I could breath easier and we hoped to set sail. It was not to be. The iron genie did the work for most of the trip. About 1/2 way we put out some sail. The ride was a bit bumpy but I love the quite of mother nature moving the boat to where we want to go.
We pulled into Port Resolution about 3 and dropped the hook in 20’ of water over volcanic sand. Within the hour we decided to put out the flopper stopper. At this point it wasn’t all bad but we had heard that the swell works it way around the bay entrance.
We emailed our tour guy for the volcano. W/ had received the name from Aquarius and they liked him. He was spot on but the wrong guy. He’s not from the village that “claims” the bay. When we went to the yacht club for pickup up we were sadly informed of that. The yacht club owner/manager (Wherry) actually wanted us to ensure that he gets to speak with our guide. After their conversation hat said we were off.

Contact Werry for trips to Yasur

Just incase anyone is planning on stopping here to clear in and see Yasur; the correct info
for touring the volcano is: Weery (yes that is his name); Ph: 541-6989 or 537 6209. In person you can find him by entering the little bay( generally in front of where one would anchor), haul the dinghy up on the beach and ascend the steps on the left.
Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long
ps this is a bit out of order and after my next post I will place it in the proper sequence.