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Sapzurro, Colombia – Bitter Sweet

As detailed in one of our previous posts we had some difficulty checking in to Colombia. Not from paperwork issues but from knowledge issues.  Since then I’ve sent all the info to Noonsite so they could update their ports of entry in Colombia. Sapzurro wasn’t listed on their site  but we knew from local knowledge […]

Gordian Knot

A Gordian knot is  to be  knot so intricate that there is only one way to untie it and alas that too is next to impossible. Well, we tried for the impossible and we were thwarted. W/ had finally persisted enough in saying that we needed to simplify our cruising by making our boat more […]


We’ve left Cartagena. Gone is the breeze filled with greasy dust, gone are the sounds of the city, gone is the constant boat traffic. We had a pleasant sail 15 nm S to Chalon. We’re anchored here waiting on weather to head to the San Blas Islands, about 150 miles W of here. So while […]

Changes in (L)Atitude

Sometimes I wonder how much effect my formative years have had on me.  Our generations  parents hated the music we  listened to. Did the music represent us or did it effect us? The song 59th Street Bridge by Simon and Garfunkel comes to mind: Slow down, you move too fast, you’ve got to make the […]


Yeah. Not anymore. When we’re at the most important stage of our life we want to be older. We want freedom. We want to go where we want and do what we want. When we get older we want to to retire. We want freedom. We want to go where we want and do what […]

Dos Dia

The day’s going smoothly, at least it was at first. I commented to W/ that this is “Rather Pleasant”.  She likes to use that phrase and I like to joke with it. It was rather plesaant. We were moving well, ahead of our schedule and the seas were not too bad. About 2 – 3 […]


We were ready. That’s what we had thought. This passage is to be one of the most difficult in the world. One circumnavigator said it was the worst passage they had had in their two entire cruises around the world.  Others report broken booms, torn sails, busted engine mounts, etc.  You can listen to all […]