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Cruising Addictions

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

You know, one thing about cruising and being retired is that you have time to do with what you want. Not always, but quite often.

The other day I actually opened up my FaceBook act. I really don’t have a great deal of love for Facebook but so many people like it that you are almost dragged into using it. Almost. I opened it of my own free will. Then, there was a connection from my tennis coach that I hadn’t seen in a few years. He has my email, we’ve  Skyped a couple of times (texting) and yet he seemed adverse to using just plain ol’ everyday email. So I accepted his “friend” offer and now we’re slightly more connected. He’s currently in Austrialia, getting  married and if we’re lucky; when we get there, we’ll be able to see them again. But I wonder.

I then replied to a couple of other communiques I had on facebook and the flood gates were opened. When I told W/ of all the requests we had (don’t get carried away it was only in double digits 🙂 ) she commented that it’s like a Virus. And that is so.  Facebook gets hold of one friend and tries to tie them all together! But I digress.

W/ decided that if I was there she should be too. I helped her set up an act and off she went. I think she now has more “friends” than I do which for any of you that know us is to be expected. But she’s gotten so carried away that she put up a bunch of pics that I’ve neglected to show. I was going to get around to it sometime!  So she’s been addicted the last few days putting up the pics in Facebook. Since they are public and it saves me the work of posting the pictures elsewhere here is the list: People we Met, Shopping, Our Elysium, Me and My Gal, Cool Stuff (W/s opinion 🙂 ), Anchorages, Beaches, Wendy, Volunteering, Ocean Rowing, Gals, Tours, and Animals

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