Progress … you think?

Yeah; though we’ve (I’ve) been quiet on the blog, things have been getting crossed off the list. The roller furling is completed and the sail back up. New sheets (5/8″) are installed. The 1/2″ seemed a little light pulling this boat. The mainsail is back on. The dodger is on and there are only a couple of things Canvas Creations needs to fix. One additional cost from them will be adjusting the mainsail cover so it doesn’t drag on the dodger.  Three of the four pieces of metal fabrication we had made are installed. We’ve still a page of stuff left to do; but things are getting done. Right now while I work so hard typing W/’s washing the boat. In case you think I really am so mean (yeah right) she loves to do that, she hates the dirt on the boat and constantly boats get dirty. More so when you’re tied to land as you can’t really leave all the dirt in the dinghy. Just so you know it’s by her choice to wash the boat.

Elysium in Green Turtle, Abaco

Elysium in Green Turtle, Abaco

As you’ve no doubt seen I’ve made a little change in the blog. Sid on Antares drew the pic one afternoon (Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas) before sundowners. We liked the sketch so I digitized it and use it on the masthead of the blog. Such a natural artist, and an all round great guy (not as great as his mate Janet however; 🙂 ) The last blog page was to generic and this one is closer to what I want. However; it looks like to get what I really want I’m going to have to code it myself. I hate doing that since I’m more of a hacker in CSS but to get what I want I’ll have to dig into the bowels of  WordPress more.

Til then, I’ll stumble along with what other programmers have provided out there. And all the while we’ll be trying to get the boat back to sailing shape. We’re almost there. Once we leave here we’ll look for a yard to haul out in. We have three projects to have the yard do, and then we’ll wax the hull (I need my brother in-law here 🙂 ) flip the prop lock (I somehow managed to get it on backwards) and enjoy the place we end up. Right now it’s looking a little like a yard (Campbell’s) in Oxford, MD on the Eastern Shore. We’ve never been there and are thinking that it might be nice. We’ve also had two really good recommendations for it. Also on the short list is Zahniser’s in Solomons and then another yard in Deltaville. We’ll see. First though is going to Oxford; see the town and check out the yard.

In the mean time we’re enjoying time with some old and new sailing friends. Dave and Lisa from Hullabaloo brought the family by for a cookout; Jenny and Mike  (on another Westsail) swung by trying to make me feel bad for having another B-day.  My goal is to collect more B-Day’s than anyone else. 🙂

While some may be pondering my new found optimism anyone can find us (Thanks to Dirk pushing me) on the web using W/s ham call sign KI4ZVB. Dirk you may remember is the less then noble half of Lison Life . He kept pushing me to get the dot on the web and now I’m sure he’ll push  us to get it moving. 🙂  So if you’re bored and want to see a real type A check out their blog. If you want to see a Type ZZZZ, just stay tuned to ours. LOL

Till next time;
Fair Winds

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