Beers Gone, Money’s Gone, Time to go

Yep we finally ran out of beer. Actually bought a case (about 2x’s the cost of beer in the US) and then traded what we had left for some Heineken Beer with of all boats a charter we met. Were going into the Green Turtle Club to work on the boat; pack stuff up and get her cruise ready. That is ready for offshore. We have to put the dinghy away (our 12 footer) prep the dinghy engine for long term storage, load the dinghy engine into the boat and secure it; clean and load the inflatable inside the boat, clean the boat, change the engine oil, fix an oil leak on the main engine where the remote connection to the engine is, secure all the msc deck items, take and store the awnings, remove and store the wind generator; store the solar panels; and of course do a plethora of other tasks that W/ deems necessary.

Then W/s going to prepare for offshore food as she gets a little under the wx there yet on this boat. She’ll make a great Chicken and Rice, Chicken strips; heat up hot water (for soups and hot chocolate), make a dozen hard boiled eggs and she had planned on making Bananna bread but we didn’t have any banannas. We hope to leave Wednesday or Thursday for the Cheasepeak.

One of the parents of the kids I was giving some tennis lessons too organized a get together to thank me. We think it will be a great evening and we’re looking forward to the event.


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