It was a calm night and a wonderful day. After a light dinner we slept like baby’s and left in the am as the Sun rose. Today would be a motoring day. It was, 10 hours of motoring along the N shore in the wind shadow of Viti Levu.
Again we anchored where we knew the holding was great, the rocking and rolling minimal, and looked forward to a good nights rest.
Sun up we were moving. We called Denarau Marina for a mooring and told they were all full. Instead we took a slip at the marina. We wanted a good wash of the boat and easy access to supplies. We cruised by Latoka and rounded the point to head SW for Denarau Marina. Here we were no longer in the wind shadow and we had a fun 2’ chop to motor into. Once inside the breakwater the winds were on the beam as we cruised into the slip. Two staff from the Marina aided our arrival and we slid in (literally) to the slip. The wind pushed us towards the finger. Fortunately for us the rubber edge and the fenders protected out boat. We tied up and breathed a sigh of relief. New jobs and projects in readying for our big move west.
Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long

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