Todays Job

Dirt dwellers often have an image of cruisers as hanging out on a beach with a good book and a cool drink. After being locked in the boat with 20 straight hours of rain we finally saw the Sun … and began a new project.


The foward galley sink drained awfully slow. Thinking I only needed to remove one hose, clean, and re-install it I set about doing just that. However; few jobs on a boat are exactly as foreseen.


I began to remove just the hose I wanted and it wouldn’t budge. I had already flushed with fresh water and closed the hose drain. Salt water in the boat is not what any cruiser wants. I ended up removing the entire drain plumbing, forward and aft sink drain, and the “T”. I jump in the dinghy to clean the hoses. W/ is the goffer making the job run as smoothly as possible. Once clean I begin to reinstall, after W/ cleaned the locker and the small spillage we had.


W/ poured fresh water in the sinks while I checked for leaks. Nada. While in the locker we picked up that the main galley filter was changed 10 months ago. Saving the locker empty refill routine I changed that filter too. Pumped and no leaks. All the supplies that live in that locker are put back and we’re both ready for that good book, beautify beach and cool drink. I think we’ll settle for lunch ashore.

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long


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