Out and About: Fiji

I’m getting so long in the tooth with my blog I’m not sure where to start anymore. I would like to just write short ones but once I get chattering away it seems to go on, and. on…. and on. It’s been 10 years now and truth be told I’m getting a bit tired. To make a normal full length one takes about 5 hours; editing my writing takes a lot of time as well as the thought i put into . Choosing, timing and optimizing pictures so the load fast on the web adds to it to.
In an effort to keep things shorter I’ll begin today.

We spent a week out and about in Fiji. Sailing Fiji seems to be an oxymoronic description. Day one, we headed NE towards Buca Bay. We hoped to get as far a Vianie Bay and we did. But; while I tried on three separate times to put out any sails, not one of those times was a sail out for more than 5 minutes. We motored for almost 10 hours. Yuck.


Photo by W Kall. Viani Bay, Fiji.

In the North finger of the bay we found a tolerable place to anchor in 60’ of water. It is quite a pretty bay but very, very deep. As the evening wore on Semele; the care taker of the place kayaked out to chat. We noticed some vegetable aboard and as we were finishing our “chat” he offered them to us. We of course want to be as fair as possible and asked him how much he wished for them. There were a dozen bananas, 4-5 Limes and 4 Papaya. He refused any pay. That is what the Fijians are like.


Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long



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