Yep, It’s 2009 !

A few years ago W/ made a resolution to get to 2 cultural events a year. Of course when she said that was her resolution it included me. Well; culture in the islands isn’t about going to the “Theater” or the “Opera”. Culture is what ever special event the island has, in this case, it’s called a Junkanoo. So she MADE me go. And although I dragged my feet…. a little; remember I have to live with her and compared to living on land in the states it is a rather smallish area – a boat; so eventually I too got into the dinghy and went to observe, eat, and imbibe.

I will say I was impressed, the costumes were classy, the beat although rather simple in nature had a primal quality to it that spoke to ones soul and the drinks were welcomed. I missed recording of the event and should I happen upon another I think I’ll do my best to get one. But I did manage a few pics and so to help you waste your time you too can see what culture is in the islands.

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