All Bla’ed Out

We’ve left. We’re  outta here. We went to Porvenir and picked up our zarpe to Colon and left Panama some more money.  Twenty six bucks to move the boat from the San Blas Islands to Colon.  That’s only for the paper work.

Kuna Sunset, First Day of Summer

Kuna Sunset, First Day of Summer

We had used Gustino for about 3 days to clean up the outside of the boat.  We had him clean and polish the stainless (which he completed about 80 % of) and clean and wax the hull.  He had an appointment the third day which didn’t allow him to complete all the stainless. Oh well, someday we’ll get use to elastic time.  We paid him 20 bucks for the days work; provided him with all the materials needed, fed him lunch and at the end of the day provided a beer to wind down with.  It was a fair value. He works hard; but, no matter who we have work on our boat I’m damn glad when it’s over as then we have  Elysium all to ourselves again.

In the last few months it seems to me we’ve mostly been motoring. I’ve come to have a real aversion to coastal sailing in Panama.  I thought when we left Colombia heading W we could have some nice days sailing. After all, the Easterly Trades blow here. Don’t’ they?  Anyway it was not to be. We motored 90% of the way back.  In contrast; traveling E against the trades we only motored about 70% of the time.  Go figure.

Our final day in Kuna Yala we sailed to Porvenir. There we anchored in 40 feet of water and both W/ and I went ashore to secure our zarpe.  We arrived at approx 1:30 to discover that the Port Captain was still at lunch. Rather then stroll around;  we knew from experience that a short stroll might well miss the meeting we needed to clear out.  We waited and around 2 Ishmael (the Port Captain) arrived.  After clearing out we chose to eat our last Kuna meal at one of only a few restaurants in Kuna land.  W/’s chicken was tasty and I had Octopus which although it was heavily curried I found satisfactory.  We would rate the restaurant on Porvenir as a 2 star (out of five) and all the other restaurants in Kuna Land 1 star (out 5).  Of course 5 star would be the best.  It may be that all the restaurants only think of feeding the Kuna people even though they are in the “tourist” areas.  The restaurant on Porvenir was the only one where the food was to my liking and there was enough of it! Back to the boat where we had to choose whether to stay in the anchorage or move back to the Lemons.

We chose to stay. Oops!  While we were in the lee of Porvenir and the North side of the anchorage was all reef, we ended up all evening with an awkward roll, pitch to the boat. At the break of dawn the following day we were quite happy to raise the anchor and motor (again that bad word) out of the anchorage and head West.  Early afternoon we arrived in Linton to cars, restaurants and a really, really crowded anchorage.  I counted about 70 boats between the town (lee shore) anchorage and the anchorage between Isla Linton.  We squeezed into a spot out near the front (the wind was blowing yet again out of the West)  where we had a bit of a roll from; remember we’re in the Easterly trades here,  yeah right!

Squeezed in, tired, we break open a cold beer to celebrate our short wonderful passage (any passage is wonderful where nothing is broken), watch the Sunset and then on to  count sheep.

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long

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