Been awhile.  Since my computers are down; well, actually my main computer – the Macs, I’m having to suffer with a little EeePC Netbook.

After we took our trip to Panama City we slide on up to the East Lemons where we hired Justino (a local Kuna) to do some work on the boat. We paid him $20.00 / day, lunch and usually a beer after work.  He brought his son to hang out with him the first day and althogh his son had a tooth ache he was quite pleasant. He played with Dads cell phone, watched Dad work and he slept. Dad asked for something to help his son with his tooth ache and as we had some “Baby Aspirin” we gave him some. That helped his son tolerate the tooth ache and survive the day.  When Justino gets back to his home island he will take Junior over to the Dr.  in the Carti islands and have the tooth removed for $5.00 US.

Justino worked three days with us; washing the boat; polishing the Stainles Steel, and washing and waxing the hull. All jobs I have an aversion to. From the E Lemons we gave Justino a ride of about 5 nm to the West Lemons so he could find work on another cruisers boat.

We were running out of Propane and although W/ is finding some joy in cooking she isn’t in the high use catageory for Propane so as we get close to 6 months of use I’ve learned we’re close to being out. We also hauled Passports tank in (they have 2 x 10 lb bottles) to one filled. In the W. Lemons they transfer the Propane via the gravity method.

I laid the bottle out with ours closer to the door hoping it would get filled fist as we were actually out of Propane because we have only one tank and Passport was only on their second bottle and were fine. Now we’re into cold foods. Not that I was going to suffer, after all Beer is IMHO best consumed cold,
but W/ (truth be told) misses cooking. Wouldn’t you know it; we had a 50/50 chance of getting our tank filled first and they
grabbed Passports bottle and filled it and then they were out of Propane! We ended up waiting 3 days before more Propane was brought in on a Panaga so we could be whole again. There we sailed on down to meet up with Passport and dive and play for a few days in Nargargonedup before we again when to Nomomulo for the Girls to go into Panama City. Then I would be out of all my Macbooks and only have the Netbook and an iPad to whine to the world out our woes.

I’ve often been asked what changes we would make to the boat after the few years we’ve been out. Our Propane setupis one change I would make. I’d try to see if I could squeeze 3 x 10 lb tanks in the locer or at the least 2 x 10 lb tanks. Then when one tank would run out I could still have warm food while the other tank was being filled. It’s not to late to change. It’s just that to change now takes longer then if we were living ashore in home waters, and keeps us in one spot, too while the boat is messed up while living in the pig stye. At this point, not what we want to do, so we’ll live with it.

Additionally, I like to post a picture or two on each blog entry but on the Netbook I don’t have the software to optimize the pictures and post them so those of you that actually read a blog will find no changes but for those of you that read a blog to look at the pictures, for awhile you’re just out of luck.

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long

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