Merry Isthmus from the Republic of Panama

Years ago (don’t remind me how many) I was in a religious studies class in college.  Dr. Weeks; whom I admired, told us of a man who had prayed so much to God to ease his burdens. God finally rewrote his rule so he could help the poor man out. He brought him to heaven where upon the individual saw that he was carrying a sack. His sack of burdens.  God escorted him to an enormous room  and there were piles upon piles of sacks just like the one he was carrying, the burdens of each of the individuals on the earth. There God asked him to pick one bag of burdens out and leave his in it’s place. The individual sat down and thought for  some time and eventually walked away with his own sack.

We’re all born with different burdens, some of our burdens are simply of birth, poor parents, sick parents, only one parent, parents of a country that doesn’t enjoy the safety and security of ours. Some of our burdens are inherited, extra teeth, skin diseases, missing limbs, chemical imbalances, etc. Some burdens we gather as we wander through life, relationships gone bust, abuse by those we’ve loved, accidents caused by those we’ve never known.  All are burdens and yet we all have to bear them, we share them, we write about them, and we cry over them.

So Santa, what I wish to ask of you this season is not to bring us anything more  but to take from us something that weighs upon each of us. Take a burden  from each of us; no, don’t help us to carry it, simply take it from us –  lighten our spirit, add joy to everyones season because our load is less.

Happy Holidays

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