We’ve left, we made it.

We left Marathon on the weathermans prediction of SE winds. We made it under the powerlines into Boot Key Harbor with 1′ to spare. It was a spring high tide. A little gut wrenching, no! But now that we’re out of Florida we should be mostly bridge / powerline free. I swear that the powers that be (PTB) look for ways to make life miserable for those on the water.

We stopped at the fuel dock and picked up 110 gallons of diesel fuel. That pretty well filled up our tanks. We’re listed as carrying 200. The dockmaster was a little surprised that a sailboat carried so much. We’re hoping to not need to buy any in the Bahamas as it’s roughly 1-2 bucks more per gallon here. Hopefully this will carry us through the winter and back to the states.

We began sailing once we rounded the W end of Vaca Key but mostly were were close hauled. That kept us in Hawks channel and a little chop and a little wet but not bad. The wind just didn’t want to do what the wx man (or woman) suggested so for most of the afternoon we worked our way up Hawks channel and then finally after a couple of tacks exited the reefs at Alligator.

And we sailed from there down the light of the Moon to West End Grand Bahamas. Ships kept W/ watches active and when I was up mostly I watched the Moon and clouds all the while ducking when Mother Nature would through spay my way. Finally, finally, we reached some of the Gulf Stream for the esclator ride N.

Minor things keep happening (as we expected), but they’re still a PITA. The blocks for the Wind Vane slowly moved and the control line was needing continual adjustments. Fortunately I didn’t need to fix the back during the trip. They’re on my “TaDo” list before we leave here. And to around 9 kts of boat speed the prop decided to spin. Well we had gotten so use to it not spinning I hadn’t locked it so now while it was spinning I jammed the lock in place and then it broke free and spun again and I needed to repeat a few times to get it to feather and stop spinning. And last while I had put cotter pins in all the critical rigging some I had left off for fine tuning and when we were close to West End discovered that the leeward lower shrouds were unturning. I didn’t figure that would happen because of the belaying pins but I guess I was wrong. So I need to tight up the belaying pins and put cotter pins in those turn buckles.

For now, we’re here waiting for me to finish the projects and the weather to change. Till then ….
Fair Winds


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