Martinique: The Good

The Women. (Sorry no pics) I doubt W/ would agree. 🙂 And remember! I’m a happily married man. Don Street described the women of Martinique as the most beautiful in the Caribbean. He wasn’t lying.

We arrived in Fort de France late in the day and checked in the following day. Daniell Storey arrived shortly after us and as they’d been here a few times before  they’d offered to help us acclimate. Part of our discussion centered around taking a local bus to the mall; Le Galleria.  Fortunately Michelle spoke passable French and we bought  4 round trip tickets to the mall. Or so we thought.  We waited where the busses were and looked for the number Michelle thought the attendant had told her. A Frenchman had observed us hanging around looking slightly lost and asked us which bus we were waiting for. It ended up that we were looking for the wrong number on the bus  and waiting in the wrong place. After he double checked and pointed us to the correct location and gave us the correct number bus to board we were on our way to the other bus terminal.

Now my idea of a bus driver has been much like Ralph Cramdon on the old TV show  The Honeymooners. Not to be insulting to bus drivers but IMHO that’s generally what all the drivers in the states of all the busses I’ve been on in the states have generally looked like. Not here! We had the most beautiful bus driver I’ve  ever had the pleasure of  sitting behind. Even W/, Michelle and Dave had to agree!

Garbage. One wouldn’t really put garbage in the good category of anything. But the

Martinique Landscape

Martinique Landscape

French have made sure their country remains as clean as possible. I’m guessing that within eye sight of anyplace in the metro areas  there is a garbage disposal can, cart or dumpster. There are even recycle containers that are not overstuffed and if one chooses to put plastic, or aluminum into the containers  they’ll actually fit!   Getting rid of garbage on the boat has been easy and hassle free.  All of these containers encourage boaters and residents alike to help keep the islands clean.

Chef's Hat

Chef's Hat

And finally, the Food.  Although I haven’t found any nation that doesn’t pride themselves on their menus, the French have accumulated  many of the best and a few of the worst of the worlds menus. Yesterday we ate at the Ti Topues ( in English it’s  Chef’s Hat ) and I had the best  Pork Ribs ever (remember I grew up in Iowa where Pork is King!) So we’re spending a some of our $$’s on eating out right now. Not that W/ or I will complain. Besides too; we ended up running out of Propane (blame me – I wanted to see how long our tank would really last and it lasted 6 months) and as the island only uses Butane and has completely different fill nozzles for the cylinders we’re living off of Microwaved food and restaurants.  Not a bad life eh?

When we get to St. Lucia we’ll get the Propane filled and I’m getting a full set of connectors for the tank so we can get stove fuel anywhere in the world….hopefully. 🙂

Fair Winds

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