We’re now a one car family….

On W’s birthday we made the truck trade. The money has been cleared and we actually delivered the truck today. Don and Lana now have a new work horse for their boat. Unfortunately, none of us are rich enough to put the truck on davits and take it with us. But as a vehicle for working on the boat it was a great one. Some of the items we’d needed to move were just too big to fit into the trunk.

So now it is on to finishing up a couple of small projects left, the Charlie Noble, a couple of pad eyes, change the zincs in the engine and refrigeration, change the oil and transmission fluid, tune the rig, finish packing the boat, buy fresh food, watch the wx and tide for the time to leave, then leave.

Our first anchorage will be Anclote Key. Not far but then we’ll be leaving the anchorage int he am and heading south.

Fair Winds


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