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A Tad Boring

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

We hope to clear out of Fiji tomorrow. We’re ready, but Mother Nature has not been. Oh, the winds are ok but the seas! We expect them to be calmed down enough to leave tomorrow. And Fiji, while being cruiser friendly in many ways is not for boaters leaving the country.  They want a 24 hour notice. The following day they will check you out, on their schedule and then you have one hour to get underway. Obviously they only understand travel by planes and not boats. Thus we must pick wisely and have a little luck.

That window appears in the next two days. David at Gulf Harbor Radio provides a meteorologist perspective on this area of the S Pacific and he’s a sailor. 6 days a week 7 months a year.  He and his wife Patricia provide a wx / sea report on the ham radio and streams it on Youtube.

While we’ve waited in the marina here there has not been much excitement. That itself is a good thing. We walk the dock and the Port meeting new people. One cruising couple are vblogers ( Aquarius )  who are having the time of their life (my words – not theirs) videoing their way around the world and sharing it. We met Ken and Isabel in Savusavu briefly and then they pulled up next to us in the marina. For the armchair sailors and the wannabe’s their videos are quite accurate of what the cruising life is like. Videoing seems to be the next wave of cruisers sharing this lifestyle; but, it is not for us. It takes a way to much time for me. So…. until we cast off…..

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long