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Mother Nature is a PITA

Friday, June 7th, 2019

We’re ready. We’ve been watching the weather and the sea conditions.  Why is it that 5 days out everything looks good. As we close in on our departure time things start turning to crap. There is a (L) that has popped up just N or us and reforms S. But (L)’s can be problamatic. They spin off weird crappy microsystems.  Then there is the sea state. In the Tasman there is a huge (H). That is churning up some rather large seas. In general large seas are not an issue except when they are on the beam.  Then they can mess up a boat pretty bad.  A cruising aquaintence rolled his boat on this trip. Not fun, not in our plans.  Right now the swell is predicted to be 3-4 m and on top of that we would have  any wind blown seas.  Not our cup ‘o tea. So like any good sailor; we wait. And I can’t say we patiently wait. W/ is ready, I’m ready!  Come on Mother Nature; give us a break!

Red is Bad!

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long