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Saturday, February 16th, 2019

One piece of advice cruiser often give is: Cruising will cost you what ever you have. Cruising; this lifestyle cost money. What doesn’t? Living in the states and not working also cost money. What is important is mitigating those expenses as much as possible. If we can save on one area it allows us to spend on another.

One item that has been well worth the intiial expense is a hair clippers. W/ won’t let me cut her hair. We tried once years ago and while the results were fine she felt it was a disaster. I’ve never cut her hair since. But….

She cuts mine. Hell; if anything goes wrong I know it will grow back. We bought a Wahl clipper set in the states before we left. My barberess recommended that company. Cost approx $50. And Lisa (my barbaress), while cutting my hair showed W/ a few tips.

We’ve been gone 10 years now. We can almost set the calendar by when W/ say’s I am starting to look like a bear and need to be “cleaned up”! Assuming a monthly cut of $10 that is $120 / year saved. For ten years that’s over a grand. Granted some shops are more expensive then others but 10 bucks is just a rough average. That money can well go towards entertainment, boat maintenance, or just stay in the bank. Not a bad investment!

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