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This Wind is our Navigator….

Monday, November 10th, 2008

We had wanted to go to Miami and shoot off; we had a friend possible flying in we were going to pick up and I have a good friend I wanted to see. But Mother Nature has other ideas. It’s getting late in the season and we don’t want to get “stuck” in Florida. Also it’s a day up to Miami and then another day across so waiting again for a wx window wouldn’t be much fun in Miami ( I know it sounds weird to say that Miami wouldn’t be “much fun” ) but from a sailing diving perspective we don’t think it compares to the islands.

To get to West End, Grand Bahama will be the same time as to get to Miami. One day. Granted we’ll be offshore but we get to use the Gulf Stream for a free ride for about 60 miles. So right now the GRIB files say that Thursday – Friday we may have favorable winds and a relatively smooth crossing. That’s right now and as we all know with Mother Nature and the wx, things can change in a heart beat. Till now, that’s our plan and we’re sticking to it. But as cruisers say “Our plans are written in water!”

Fair Winds